I put a lot of effort into designing the different monsters for the game. Here are various beasts, the player should have been able to encounter, with a little information on them and their inspiration.

The plan was to have some enemy that the player was a bit unwilling to kill. When a child monster died it fell to the floor with spastical movements and a really annoying scream. The player now had to waste bullts in order to quiet the enemy and this was supposed to make the player feel bad about herself. Inspirations for this one was descriptions of the knife enemy in Silent Hill (I never played the game) and of course “The Ring”.

No idea why it was called like this, but was a bit inspired by the “Alien” creatures. I have always liked monsters without any eyes. Makes them more spooky.

Yes, this creature had the very fun name “Creature”. It was supposed to be some floating fat thingy that vomited smoke. Inspiration was the last boss of Silent Hill 2 and was come up with quite some time after the two previous enemies.

Not sure where I got inspiration for this strange beast, but the main idea was that she was supposed to be some kind of rape victim because of some plot thingy. Yeah, the plot was a quite disturbed…

Fifth enemy
For some reason, we were to add a fith enemy quite late in the project. Here are some of the suggestions made for this beast. I think most of them where quite bad (especially that fly thingy!)