W = Forward
S = Backward
A = Sidestep left
D = Sidestep right
Q = Draw/Holster
E = Reload
ctrl = Crouch
shift = Hold to run

leftmouse = Examine / Action in the menu and the inventory
rightmouse = Interact / Pickup / Cancel in the menu and the inventory

TAB = Inventory
§ = Console
H = Simulate a hit
N = Noise on/off
T = Hands on/off

Console commands
map [file] = Load a map
start_record [file] [rate] = Record a movie
stop_record = Stop the recording
show_noise [value] = Show the noise or not
show_debug [value] = Show the debug or not
vsync [value] = Use vsync or not
sound [value] = Use sound ingame or not
quit = Exit to windows

You don't have to specify the file extension when loading maps, for example "start" is enough.

Loading other maps at start
All available maps can be found in the maps directory. To load a map, open ”default.cfg” in located in the misc directory and change:

map = basement1/start
to what ever map you want to load, for example:
map = foodstore/main

Changing start up items
Open “global_script.nut” and on lines 227 to 267 you can remove the “//” in front of each line to start the game with that object. For example, changing:

//::GiveItem("Ammo", "Ammo", "It's some kind of crazy ammo.", 40);
::GiveItem("Ammo", "Ammo", "It's some kind of crazy ammo.", 40);

Will give you some ammo at start up.

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