Now I will go through some of the different “fields” of assets that where made, who made them and some fun stories about them (if any). I gathered most of the names from an ancient credits list so I cannot assure all info is 100% correct.

All of the game programming was made by me and all engine programming (as far as I know) was made by Pierre Renuax. I started coding the game in C++ but as the engine made a major switch in design I had to do all of the coding in a language called Squirrel.

I actually made some sounds by myself by tweaking free sounds I found on the net. Later on Jens Nilsson joined and added some more complicated sounds as well as updating older sounds. Some of these sounds are actually present in all Penumbra games.

Some of the not so good tracks where made by me and those that sound a lot nicer where made by Erik Sundström and Nicklas Mattisson. Some of these tunes are present in the tech demo for Penumbra.

Most writing was made by myself, but at the later stages of the project a guy named Johan Andersson helped fix my broken English, wrote longer passages, descriptions and came up with fun story twists.

Art (Textures and Models)
The main part of all the models where made by myself and that I am not a very good 3D artist shows a lot. Troy Gusler made the enemy models that made it into the game and a lot of good looking items. Gary (aka Spider) made some objects for the game and Lachie Mouat textured some. Later in the project a guy named Martin Schultz made some extra textures and two guys both named Nicklas (one Mattisson and the other I cannot recall the surname of) helped out with even more textures. Even later Olof Strand and Martin Thorsen made an entire first map and started on some enemies, but none of this ever got into the game.

Also a lot of the pictures on the walls was made from photos taken by Linus Larsson and one painting is a rendering by Fredrik Sjölund. Three or four paintings was made by myself in photoshop.

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